Our Board and Volunteers

My Career Transitions Board:

MCT Board 2015


BART RUFF - Founder, Past President and Chairman     Bart Ruff - Founder 


KEVIN KEENE - Vice President/Director of Operations

PAT MATKOWSKI - Director of Communications and Webmaster

Open Position - Director of Programming

AMY DINNING - Director of New Member Orientation

MICHAEL J. (MIKE) HUGHES - Board Member at Large

KAREN DELISE - Board Member at Large

CARL WOODIN - President of the Penn State Great Valley Alumni Society


Programming Team:

Open Position - Director of Programming

Open Position - Assistant Director of Programming/Programming Manager

DAVID KOROMAUS - Programming Manager

DEBRA MORGAN - Programming Manager

ELENA PERRI - Programming Manager

KELLY REENE - Programming Manager

RICHARD REESE - Programming Manager

TED SZKLENSKI - Programming Manager

New Member Orientation (NMO) Team:

AMY DINNING - Director of New Member Orientation




Legal Team:

MIKE MCGINLEY - Legal Advisor

Operations Team:

KEVIN KEENE - VP Operations

BILL INDIK - Assistant Director of Operations

LINDA CRUZ - Day-of-Event Volunteer

BETTY JANE FOGLIO - Day-of-Event Volunteer

MELISSA KELLEY - Day-of-Event Volunteer

DAVID MONAHAN - Day-of-Event Volunteer

MELISSA QUICI - Day-of-Event Volunteer

MIKE WOZYNJ - Day-of-Event Volunteer

LinkedIn Team:

VISHAL JAIN - LinkedIn Manager



Public Relations:

Open Position - Public Relations Manager

DAVID KOROMAUS - Public Relations Consultant

Communications Team:

SAMIR JOSHI - Director of Technology

PAT MATKOWSKI - Director of Communications and Webmaster

Open Position - Public Relations Manager

COLLEEN M. HORAN - Emeritus Volunteer

Data Analysis Team:

BILL INDIK - Data Analysis

HOWARD MILLER - Data Analysis




My Career Transitions Mission:

To help professionals in the Greater Philadelphia area navigate through the career transition process so "you're not alone." We provide you with a monthly opportunity to learn new skills from our speakers and network with other members. The culture is friendly and welcoming, and it is free thanks to our volunteers, speakers and venue host.

Value Pillars:

  • People helping people, without direct personal benefit
  • Compassion
  • No cost barrier to attend


What We Do:

  • Monthly meetings for professionals (10x/yr) where can network and learn new skills and information related to career and job search
  • May include occasion social activity (optional after event)
  • New-to-transition orientation in small group setting; following regular meetings 6-10 x/yr


What We Don't Do:

  • Weekly support meetings. For this, we defer to many organizations that offer weekly support.
  • Endorse or guarantee any services from any person or company, whether speaker or person an attendees meets at an event. See policies.
  • Provide comprehensive help. By choosing to be a resource that professionals can access without worrying about paying, we knowingly limit ourselves to providing what we can. This means finding the best speakers and venues we can that don’t require payment for their services, so they may or may not be the very best solution. We also acknowledge that most speakers and venues will expect something in return and we accept that as long as it is indirect benefit (see policies.) We encourage the sharing of information on other resources/events our members may be interested but within our policies.


Who We Do It For:

  • Professionals in the Greater Philadelphia Area, or anyone willing to drive to our meetings that seek information on career management or job search and networking opportunities – particularly those that do not have the benefit of outplacement services.


Affiliated organizations:

My Career Transitions is presented by the Penn State Great Valley Alumni Society. Since 2005, My Career Transitions has grown to become a vital volunteer group that helps all professionals in the Greater Philadelphia area navigate through the career transition process so "you're not alone." We provide you with a monthly opportunity to learn new skills from our speakers and network with other members. You do not need to be a Penn State Alum to attend our meetings.

Guest sponsors:

Organizations:  Some of our meetings are guest-sponsored by other organizations. This allows those organizations to offer their members job-transition programming that they otherwise could not provide on their own. In turn, MCT benefits by being promoted to new people and keeping attendance at the meetings large and varied so as to provide good networking opportunities for our members.

Advertisers: Some guest sponsors may be in the form of “sponsorships” that provide funding for My Career Transitions expenses so that we can provide our service to attendees free of charge. 


Greater Philadelphia. Our meetings are held close to 476/The Blue Route for relatively easy access from all parts of the metro area, but people come from as far as Lancaster, Allentown, and NJ.


There is no dress code. You should dress as you want others to see you. Most attendees tend to dress business casual (slacks and shirts).


Most of your answers can be found on this web site. But after reviewing it if you still have questions, please email us at mycareertransitions@gmail.com.  Please understand that a volunteer checks this email address weekly and will reply to you or connect you with the appropriate person. We are an all-volunteer group with no funds.  Please be patient or resubmit your request if you feel it has been missed.