Volunteer with Us

Do you want to be part of My Career Transitions and help others? We are always looking for volunteers to help do various tasks such as those outlined below. 

If you are interested in volunteering, please talk to a My Career Transitions volunteer at one of our meetings. 
Or email us with "volunteer" in the subject line and tell us how you would be interested in contributing.

“The volunteers are willing to go above and beyond for MCT members and make the meetings feel like comfortable and safe spaces. I did not feel lectured or talked down to. Career transitions can be very discouraging, but everyone was very supportive, friendly, and optimistic. The meeting left me feeling empowered, not overwhelmed. Bravo, MCT!”

2014 MCT Volunteers

2014 MCT Volunteers

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Director of Programming (speakers)
  • Networking Session Facilitators
  • Meeting Operations
  • Marketing/PR
  • Website
  • Communications (email)
  • LinkedIn Support
  • Legal


Other Ways to Volunteer

  • Long-term projects (such as helping to expand our website content)
  • Offer to help with a small projects or other projects and tasks you see as beneficial in doing
  • Offer to pay for some small expense
  • Share your knowledge as a speaker on a topic for which you have expertise and which is relevant to our audience. Please review the speaker guide sheet and send it back to us at our email.  Remember to put Speaker in the subject line of your email so we can route it to the right volunteers.