Upcoming MCT Meetings

My Career Transitions has returned to in-person meetings at the Penn State Great Valley campus along Route 202 in Malvern, PA. 


  • Meetings are monthly; the 2nd Saturday of the month, except we skip December and August. See below. 
  • My Career Transitions is presented by Penn State Great Valley and our events are sponsored by the Penn State Great Valley Alumni Society. You do not need to have any affiliation with Penn State to attend and benefit from our meetings. We welcome everyone to campus. 
  • Attendance is FREE thanks to our volunteers and speakers giving their time to help others.
  • Registration for all events closes at 12 noon the day prior to the event.  
  • All events now start at promptly at 10:00 AM and end by 12:15 PM.  Please arrive by 10:00 when doors open.  We start with the MCT networking session - a fun way to meet people and grow your network by 2-3 people in a warm and friendly environment - even before the speaker starts.
  • Dress Code is dressy casual. No one wears suits or ties. The norm is slacks and a collared shirt for men and the equivalent for women.
  • For those outside the greater Philadelphia region or otherwise not able to attend in-person, you will be able to join by Zoom, starting with virtual networking before joining the classroom live. 
  • We do not record the meetings for viewing later, although we may take photographs or short video for promotional purposes.
  • The Penn State Great Valley School of Graduate Professional Studies campus is conveniently located along Route 202, south of King of Prussia. 30 East Swedesford Rd, Malvern, PA 19355


GET INVOLVED! We need volunteers to help in various roles. It's a great way to learn, pay it forward, and build your network. Email us at mycareertransitions@gmail.com

May 11, 2024

Topic: Knock Out Networking for Career Search!

Speaker: Michael Goldberg

Location: In-Person at Penn State Great Valley in Malvern, PA and via Zoom

Registration link coming soon

Registration for all events closes at 12 noon the day prior to the event.  

Seminar Description:

Touch gloves and come out networking! Job search is a fight. No doubt about it. You’ll want to lace up your gloves and come out swinging. Networking, like boxing, is about the connection. And more and better connections (in or out of the ring!) means greater success. In this session, we’ll discuss what networking is, the different types, what to say (and not say!), how to stay focused, follow up, target marketing, LinkedIn, introductions and referrals, the Daily Fight Plan, and more!

Bottom line, having a KO strategy to networking will absolutely help you attract more prospects, more referrals, and more interviews to your pipeline!

Seminar Objectives

In this “main event”, you will learn how to:

  • Confidently meet and greet new people in professional settings – LIVE and virtually.
  • Further define Target Market to establish more and better connections.
  • Deliver a “knock-out” elevator speech (not a script!).
  • Generate more prospects, introductions, and referrals from current network.
  • Establish important relationships generating more career opportunities.
  • Create a daily process to stay focused and gain momentum.


Speaker Bio:

Michael Goldberg is a two-time TEDx speaker and the founder of Knock Out Networking, LLC, a training firm focused on helping sales producers generate more business through networking. Michael’s programs are responsible for generating hundreds of thousands of dollars of increased revenues, retention, and recruitment. Michael speaks at conferences and associations, runs sales meetings, and delivers dynamic “results driven” programs that can be implemented immediately. His programs have been licensed by organizations for use companywide. Clients include Morgan Stanley, UBS, and Chubb. Michael’s book Knock-Out Networking for Financial Advisors and Other Sales Producers is available now! For more information or to subscribe to Michael’s FREE weekly blog 3-Minute Rounds, please visit www.KnockOutNetworking.com

BONUS: We have a few slots open to get a FREE Linked In Profile Picture for those that attend the  MCT program in-person in May. Lara Aman Mattey, a PSU alum, is donating up to 50 photos on Tuesday, May 14 at her studio to MCT attendees in transition*. Sign up for a free headshot after the April and May programs. This offer is available to in-person attendees currently unemployed. This is a great opportunity to update your LinkedIn profile with a professional photo.



June 8, 2024

Topic: Building A Purpose Driven Career

Speaker: Melanie Wexler

Location: In-Person at Penn State Great Valley in Malvern, PA and via Zoom

Seminar description: When you define and align your values in the context of your career you gain the clarity, understanding and significance of working with a sense of purpose. Your purpose allows you to contribute to a more a more fulfilling and impactful career. Additionally, we can take that purpose and it can help shape everything we do from networking to mentorship. Melanie will guide you in creating a Purpose Action Plan, providing practical insights and strategies to integrate purpose into various aspects of your life.

Seminar objectives:

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Defining Your Values
  • Aligning Work with Purpose
  • Leading with Purpose
  • Purposeful Networking and Mentorship
  • Creating Your Purpose Action Plan

Speaker Bio:

Melanie Mitchell Wexler, a Career Coach, Job Search Expert & LinkedIn Strategist, transitioned from 20 years in recruiting to Career Coaching in 2017. Her drive lies in demystifying the job market, empowering job seekers to find meaningful work, and revealing the behind-the-scenes dynamics. Melanie's success as a recruiter, dedicated to securing placements, fuels her guidance to clients navigating the job search process. She covers a spectrum of services, from Resumes and Job Searches to Interviews and Personal Branding. Melanie thrives on facilitating self-discovery, aiding job seekers in understanding the job search process, and helping them achieve career aspirations. Her expertise caters to mid-level career professionals to C-level executives across diverse industries.

Registration link coming soon

Registration for all events closes at 12 noon the day prior to the event.  

July 13, 2024

Topic: Amp Up Your Career Transition with Emotional Intelligence

Speaker: Michael Brenner

Location: In-Person at Penn State Great Valley in Malvern, PA and via Zoom

Seminar Description

Join Dr. Michael Brenner, founder and CEO of Right Chord Leadership, for this thought-provoking and motivational session on leveraging emotional intelligence (EQ) in your career transition.  Drawing upon decades of consulting and coaching experience, Michael will demonstrate how to position yourself for success in a crowded marketplace by amplifying four key dimensions of EQ: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.  When you understand the critical role EQ plays in your journey and implement the tools and techniques Dr. Brenner will cover, you’ll enjoy a distinct competitive advantage over your fellow candidates.

Seminar Objectives

In this program, you will learn:

• The four dimensions of emotional intelligence and the important role they play in career transitions 

• How to become more aware of your emotions during your job search 

• How to regulate negative emotions for better outcomes 

• How to increase your capacity to empathize with recruiters and interviewers 

• How to leverage relationship management skills to network more effectively

Registration link coming soon

Registration for all events closes at 12 noon the day prior to the event.