Our Mission and Value Pillars

To help professionals in the Greater Philadelphia area navigate through the career transition process, so "you're not alone." 

We provide you with a monthly opportunity to learn new skills from our speakers and network with other members. The culture is friendly and welcoming, and it is free thanks to our volunteers, speakers and venue host.
Value Pillars:

  • People helping people, without direct personal benefit
  • Compassion
  • No cost barrier to attend

What We Do:

  • Monthly meetings for professionals (10 times per year) where they can network and learn new skills and information related to their career and job search.
  • New-to-transition orientation in small group setting prior to regular meetings 6-10 times per year.

Who We Do It For:

  • Professionals in the Greater Philadelphia area, or anyone willing to drive to our meetings that seek information on career management or job search and networking opportunities – particularly those that do not have the benefit of outplacement services.